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Who we are

Ekhie is pronounced as “E-ki” and means “marketplace” in the Edo native dialect.
Ekhie is more than a ticket and event management company. We pride ourselves on being an innovative platform for event lovers and organizers to enjoy their own processes on our platform.

Our offer eases event organizers by creating a tailored reporting and ticket selling system while cutting down on ticket duplication, stealing, and reselling to 0% by keeping it virtual.

We also offer event lovers a safer way to buy tickets using a shortcode on their phones. That way, it eliminates card and identity theft when they are paying online.

Ekhie provides the 360 experience for a specific audience when working with our team for marketing and promotion. Experience Ekhie today and enjoy the safest way to buy and sell tickets.

Our Team

We are strong team about event

Mr. Eshio Joseph

Mr. Eshio Joseph


Ekhie provides you with the most convenient way to buy and sell tickets globally, by creating a faster and safer way of ticket purchasing with short codes. Enjoy ease with Ekhie. Register as a vendor or sign up today to get started.

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